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The easiest and most affordable way to create awesome online courses. Whether you’re a teacher, startup, coach, or consultant make Educator Ease your own.

Customization Facility

Educator Ease has an advanced customization facility, enabling you to offer you flexibility in app/website designs.

IT partner

Our unruffled technology provides you with everything that is needed to build your website/app to sell your courses online.

Just few clicks away

Within fraction of minutes, all the access for your app/website would be provided to you with the ease of operating the amenities.

AppTech Features

Features for our app

Our mobile app enables teachers to quickly and easily create, record, and share materials for use both inside and outside of a classroom where they need it most.

Live classes

Educator Ease is a platform that enables educators to conduct live classes abroad from their classrooms. It provides all tools needed to attend a class or conference .

Protect your content

With Educator Ease, you get a password to protect your digital content (ebooks, videos, images, etc.) from being copied .

Your OWN content store

Educator Ease is a platform for educators to build and monetize digital assets.

Collect payments

Educator Ease helps streamline the collection of fees and save time with automatic reminders, invoice generation and more .

Tests & Quizzes

Teachers can conduct tests and quizzes online in multiple formats such as multiple choice, toss or learn questions, long answer type etc to assess their students. The results and feedback are delivered to the student via email instantly. .

Purchase course

Make your purchasing process as easy as possible. Learn more about the details that make these options unique.

Smart Features

Fast Messaging

Educator Ease text and email allows you to communicate instantly with your contacts in real time so you can be more efficient and effective .

Minimal Interface

Focused on students and teachers, Educator Ease is a state of mind that allows educators to focus on their students and teaching without the distraction of badly designed technology.

User Freindly

Educator Ease is the user friendly computer tutoring system designed to provide the teacher with the necessary tools to help your child succeed.


When clicking "Get Email Notification" on their My Account page, educators will be prompted for the school name that appears in their account address.

Client Testimonial

What they think of us!

Educator Ease is a top-notch Web Design, Custom Software & Mobile App Development Company that specializes in developing websites and mobile apps for educators. Choose Educator Ease, you will get: Knowledgeable and personal service – we're here to help you 24/7; it is our pleasure to assist you.

Review By Achin Nahta

28 jan, 2022 10:25 AM

They will complete your web design project off the ground and into orbit in no time.

Educator Ease provides a structured process, detailed deliverables and expert advice to help your organization accelerate web-based projects. We work closely with you to develop an end-to-end content strategy, website architecture and deliver project results above and beyond your expectations.

Review By Heena Kashiwal

28 jan, 2022 12:25 PM

Easy and prefect solution

Educator Ease is the leading website and app development company delivering high-quality mobile apps, from concept to code. Highly scalable and reliable, with built-in testing capabilities for every release and ultra-low-latency network operation for real-time transactions, Educator Ease is the ultimate app development platform for global enterprises.

Review By CA Sankalp Kanstiya

18 jan, 2022 10:25 AM

The Best mobile app development services in the Educational sector.

Educator Ease works with educators to design, develop and deploy mobile apps that are secure, reliable and customized to their specific needs. The team at Educator Ease is dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality. And they exist to help modernize the way education is delivered -- without increasing costs.

Review By Sejal Yadav

28 nov, 2021 1:25 PM

An excellent app Development company.

Educator Ease is a website and application development company specializing in customized solutions for educational institutions. We provide the best software engineering techniques to design solutions that are fit for purpose. Educator Ease is a website and app development company that delivers high quality, low-cost service to educational institutions.

What's Our Price!

Pricing plans!

The Educator Ease Pricing Plan is designed for educators which simplify website management and avoids unexpected price increase.

Web Development

5,000 /year

Unlimited students

Our Web Developers constantly strive for perfection in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.

  • Unlimited students
  • Free Resources
  • Instant pay-outs
  • Unlimited coaching services
  • Online Test
  • Unlimited Employee Access
  • 2 admin-level users
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Web + App Development

10,000 /year

Unlimited students

Educator Ease is a complete application and business solution for academic institution to publish their content as apps and web.

  • Free Resources with Instant pay-outs
  • 2 admin users with unlimited Employee access
  • Live and pre-recorded classes
  • Unlimited storage and chat support
  • Doubt solving System
  • Quiz – Objective & Subjective
App Development

7,000 /year

Unlimited students

We make great apps. We build core functionality, while you add the icing on top.

  • Live Classes
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Book Reader
  • Chat Support
  • Quiz:-Objective & Subjective
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Doubts solving eco-system
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Educator Ease is a collection of carefully educational apps that make education fun, interactive and engaging.

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These sites are our solution to make education easier, and to present it in a manner acceptable to the most conservative of educators.

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